intermittent posts on sewing, knitting, gardening, healthy eating and other random topics from two sisters

Sewing machine feet, that is. I just bought six. Five came with my machine. So that’s eleven, and I just started sewing in February.

So I called my sister, and said, “I need a name for my sewing blog.” And she said, “hey, let’s do a blog together!” “About crafts?”  “Um, not just crafts….” “A little crafts, a little history, a little finance, a little technology?” “Sounds perfect.”

She’s older, I’m younger.

She knits, I sew.

She’s in California, I’m in Oregon.

She’s anti-clutter, I hoard.

She does money, I do history.

She knows about health, I know about Macs.

And here we are. Sisterrific.

Which neither of us can reliably spell right.



Comments on: "This Blog Exists Because I’m Addicted to Feet" (3)

  1. Older Sister said:

    thanks again for the project bags for my knitting projects!! They are awesome! I will be excited to take out my projects on the plane!!

  2. Older Sister said:

    As I remember it, *you* introduced *me* to Go Fug Yourself!

    • Huh. My memory is totally opposite. But I added Crazy Aunt Purl, I know that one was you-to-me. We’ll link the post about you, later. –Younger/D, currently logged in.

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