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Which is to say, those two darts I put in the front of this grey-blue moleskin A-line skirt look like crap.

But seriously, I had to take SIX inches out of the waistline (which sits at my navel, so I really can’t let it sit any lower, especially as I’m currently at the high end of my weight range). I didn’t really want to start with a smaller waistline, because then I would get a sharper angle on the A-line. And when I did a cotton muslin (the last of five practice tries), I only had to take out four inches, which was two two-inch darts. I guess the combination of cutting outside my custom paper pattern, sloppiness in seam allowance while sewing, and stretch in the moleskin added two inches? (I’m using instructions from Sew What! Skirts. A very frustrating book. May blog that later.)

I couldn’t figure out where to add a second dart in the back, plus that looked like it was going to get me a lot of fullness in the back of the skirt but a flat front, and I didn’t want to pull the side seams and the zipper around toward the back. Hence front darts.

Of course, despite carefully measuring my darts from the center, they are off center, making my title a lie. I don’t think I’m going to be able to rescue that A-line pattern without cutting different pieces for front and back. Or adding a center back seam.

It’s moleskin, with a nice wrong side, so I thought about cutting off the bottom three inches of the skirt, flipping it inside out, sewing it back on, and having a shiny blue strip to distract from the top. But I didn’t have the length, and wasn’t sure it would look good. So I did a regular hem, which turned out a bit stiff.

I’m just going to pretend I wanted mini-ruffles in the front.

—D, Younger, Sewist

$10 for materials, 3:30 hours in time.


Comments on: "A Symmetrical Mistake Is a Design Element" (2)

  1. younger said:

    Also, they don’t look that symmetrical on me, though they mostly do on the hanger.

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