intermittent posts on sewing, knitting, gardening, healthy eating and other random topics from two sisters has this free download for a gored skirt. I’m smart enough to take that line drawing and repurpose it to fit my own body, right? Sure I am.

Or, not.

I decided to make it a straight skirt, since as I read on someone’s blog, women shaped like me can wear straight skirts fine, as long as they fit. It’s just impossible to buy one that fits. So I cut six identical pieces, and sewed them together.

The sides and back fit quite well. But since I don’t have the equivalent of a butt on the front of my body, the front of the skirt was a baggy poochy mess.

I feel like I should have been able to predict that.

If you’re counting, that’s seven tries at developing a reliable skirt pattern for myself.

Back to the A-line. Turns out when seams have corners, you get a pooch too, so not so much better than darts. Might be buying a ham soon.

—D, Younger, Sewist

1:30 in time, a fraction of a $3 sheet from Goodwill in materials.


Comments on: "Yeah, Not that Smart" (1)

  1. daiyami said:

    I’m also pretty sure that using a woven to make up a knit pattern may have been an issue here.

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