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My Midnight Skirt

I call this my midnight skirt because I came home from drinks with friends one Friday night, at midnight, and decided I was just going to tweak the seams on the skirt I had started that afternoon—and then sewed for the next two hours reshaping the skirt, flatfelling the side seams (flatfelling brocade is great!), putting in the facing, topstitching the waist with a twin needle, and finishing everything but the hem.

Plus, it’s dark blue.

Plus, it’s clearly a party skirt, and thus likely to see midnight, even in this town where people show up to parties on time and leave early. On the first night of wearing it hit TWO parties (one with dancing! both celebrating tenure!) and made it all the way to 2am, an unusually social night for me.

Here’s the outfit, maximally dressed down for a warm spring eve. Brocade is a bit of a push, but since I’m dressier than most people I know here, I can work it into my normal look.

Also, this is my first remotely successful A-line skirt. I went back to my very first plan, which was just to trace a skirt I knew fit me, instead of messing with measurements. My first try at that turned out way too small—well, it fit perfectly, just very high-waisted when the original sits at my navel. So I turned to Sew What! Skirts, but after reading this helpful post on how to copy a made skirt, my second try worked much better. I just had to take a bit of triangle fullness out of the side seams (hence the reshaping I was doing at midnight, though I should have just ripped the original seams entirely instead of trying to sew new curves on top of them, as you can still see that they are pretty wonky), and I think (fingers crossed, I haven’t tested it yet) I’ve got a pattern I can run with for a while.

—D, Younger

4.5 hours, $18 in materials. 100% polyester brocade from JoAnn’s, wash cold, hang dry.


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