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I wore this dress to a wedding in 2004. I really like the color (more accurate in the first photo), but it doesn’t actually fit all that well, and it’s way outdated.


So I converted it.


The tank top still doesn’t fit all that well (and is still cheap polyester, though I’m pretty sure the way is looks longer on the left than the right is just the photo), but I’m gonna have a lot of fun wearing the scarf.


A bit janky if you look too closely, but no one will.

I cut the cylinder from the bottom of the skirt into a sort of long spiral shape (about 120 inches before gathering), so the scarf has pointed ends and a couple of corners. Thirty minutes to re-hem the tanktop, 1.5 hours to do the scarf. Probably three-quarters of the rolled hem either swallowed too much fabric or not enough fabric, though.

I got the idea for the scarf from Sew A Beginner, but I used a different gathering technique—I took a class on presser feet last Saturday, and it taught the zigzag-over-another-thread method, using a rolled hem foot to help hold the gathering thread out of the way. For this scarf, I used a thin white ribbon, as the instructor suggested a crochet thread or something strong to gather a scarf, with a high probability of getting caught on something. Red or pink would have been better, but white was what I had. I also used any remotely compatible leftover thread—going out and buying something just doesn’t go with the concept of refashioning, to me.

It was just practice, really. I have three more dresses I intend to convert to tanktops, although those have shorter skirts, so I might need to find something else to do with the leftover.

Comments on: "When a Sewing Machine Meets Packrat Tendencies" (2)

  1. Great job on that scarf, I love it!

  2. Thank you! Fun to wear, too.

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