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Naturally, before heading halfway across the world for two weeks, I had grand notions of sewing a entire wardrobe for the tropics, full of linen pants and such. Didn’t happen. But I did manage to make good use of a few me-made items. (Sorry all these pictures are washed out. I was having such troubles with the light I’m not sure my camera isn’t broken.)

My navy poplin a-line, self-drafted. I’m also holding a me-made sunhat. This is the by the marina in Singapore. That’s the fancy new Marina Bay Sands hotel and Double Helix Bridge in the back—Singapore has put a lot of money into their waterfront.

IMG 1024

Brown sateen stretch cotton, self-drafted from a yoke skirt I own. It’s rotated as I walked, sadly. Also, I have a terrible habit of blinking when people take pictures. The Banteay Srei temple in Cambodia, part of the Angkor Wat complex. I like to get my hair braided for big traveling—it handles wind, sweat, and thirty hours on the plane much better that way.

IMG 0470

Sage-green straight-leg pants from my Surefit Designs class. Still at Angkor Wat–trees grew into the Ta Prohm temple while it was abandoned for centuries.

IMG 0196

And my mom was carrying the purple silk dupioni tote bag I made her for Christmas. I told her it was machine washable, so I guess she decided to test it. Still Ta Prohm, if I remember correctly.

IMG 0191

Comments on: "Me-Made in Southeast Asia" (2)

  1. The stretch cotton sateen was a bit heavy for the tropics, actually, usually about 90F and very humid. The lighterweight (and cheaper!) stretch cotton poplin was better.

  2. Nicely made outfits in exotic settings. The navy a-line poplin skirt is my favorite.

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