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Now that’s sisterrific!

Socks, handknit by Older, carried in a project bag, handsewn by Younger. Aren’t we just the formidable crafting pair?! The bag is beautiful, the seams are even hemmed in bias tape! And the smooth fabric means the yarn won’t get all fuzzy being carried around throughout my travels.  Socks come everywhere!  This picture was taken in my hotel room in LA.

The socks are for our mom’s partner. They were actually a present for Christmas 2009. Christmas 2009 I wrapped the 5/8ths complete socks and handed them over with a promise to complete. Finally at the end of April they are done! I will never again make socks for such big feet.

I couldn’t find a man’s sock pattern I wanted to make so I made up the pattern kind of as I went along – project details are as follows:
Size 2.25mm needles (US size 1)
Knitpicks Felici in Putty (now discontinued)
cast on 80
k1, p1 1.5 inches
k5, p3 around till sock measures 8 inches

Put 40 stitches onto the heel needle, taking 1 purl from the beginning and 2 purls on the other side
Right side: *Sl1, k1: repeat from * to the end.
Wrong side: Sl1, p to the end.
Repeat these rows 20 times until till there are 20 slipped stitches on the side and the heel flap forms a square
End by working a wrong-side row and have the right side facing you.
Slipping the first stitch, knit back and forth
Turning the heel
SL1, k22, ssk, k1
Turn and SL1, p5, p2tog, p1
Continue in this fashion, slipping the first st, working to one st before the gap, working 2 sts together over the gap, then k1 (or p1) until you finish all the heel sts.

Pick up and decrease gusset as normal

Knit for 8.5 inches from picked up edge, keeping top in pattern and bottom in stockinette.

Decrease two rounds, knit one round plain, until 16 stitches remain
graft toes using kitchener

If you want the colors to match exactly, as I did on this sock, it’s a good idea to end rows on certain colors and be careful when casting on to start at the same place. (hint: write down what you did)

– Older


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